Sunday, 21 April 2019

To implement binary search tree using linked list.

//To implement binary search tree using linked list.
int count = 0;
typedef struct Btree{
     int data;
     struct Btree *left;
     struct Btree *right;
struct Btree* insert(struct Btree *bt,int n){
         bt= (struct Btree *) malloc(sizeof(struct Btree));
     else if(n<=bt->data)
     bt->left = insert(bt->left,n);
     bt->right = insert(bt->right,n);
     return bt;

int searchElement(struct Btree *bt,int item){
         else if(item>bt->data)
         else if(item == bt->data)
         return count;
        return 0;
int main(){
     struct Btree *bt;
     int loc;
     int item;
        count = 0;
        printf("which operation you want to perform....\n");
        printf("1. Insert an element.\n");
        printf("2. Search an element.\n");
        int op;
        int sEle;
        case 1:
             printf("Enter a number.\n");
             bt = insert(bt,item);
        case 2:
             printf("Enter an number for search.");
             loc = searchElement(bt,sEle);
                printf("Element not found.");
                printf("element found at %d ",loc);
            printf("Please choose correct option...\n\n");

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