Tuesday, 29 May 2018

To demonstrate use of slicing in string using python programming.

#Slicing in String

print("SI = Starting index; EI = Ending index")

nrStr = "I am Narendra Rajpoot."

print("Length of Streing : ",len(nrStr))

print("String : ",nrStr)

print("Charcter at index 3 : ",nrStr[3])

print("String [SI = 3; EI = end of the sting] : ",nrStr[3:])

print("String [SI = 3; EI = 13] : ",nrStr[3:13])

print("String [SI = 0; EI = 10] ",nrStr[:10])

print("String [SI = 3; EI = 12; charcter differnce = 2]",nrStr[3:12:2])

input("\n\nPress Enter to exit.")

To print ‘n terms of Fibonacci series using iteration using python programming.

n = int(input("Enter no. of terms in Fibonacci Series : "))

fTerm = 0
nTerm = 1


for i in range(n):
    if i<2:
        temp = nTerm
        nTerm = fTerm + nTerm
        fTerm = temp
input("\n\nPress Enter to Exit.")

To find all prime numbers within a given range using python programming.

# To find all prime numbers within a given range.

import math

n1 = int(input("Enter lower limit of range : "))
n2 = int(input("Enter upper limit of range : "))


if n1==0:
if n1>0:
    for i in range(n1,n2):
        sqr = math.sqrt(i)
        for j in range(2,int(sqr)+1):
            if j!=0:
                if (i%j)==0.0:
        if flag==0:
    print("Pleae enter positive limit: ")

input("\n\nPress Any Key to Closse.")

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